Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rough Women and Sex in Advertising

One of the most popular brands of denim and leather clothing for women in my world is Leigh, and their "Rough Women" advertising slogan has been in use for several decades. In fact, the phrase Rough Woman is as iconic in my world as Marlboro Man is in yours. While their older ads emphasized a rugged and individualistic woman against the elements, in their more recent years, their ads have become much more focused on sex. The first ad above is from a billboard, with enough hints of the fun stuff for women, yet safe enough for the averted eyes of sensitive men.

The ad below, meanwhile, has been running in the pages of women's lifestyle magazines.


  1. My suspension of disbelief was so well in place that I thought for a moment this was a real brand of clothing. Never mind that you stated very clearly "in my world", hahah!

    These are great images! While I get a kick out of seeing fake ads with little men in them, the collages do their job without taking into consideration that they are ads.

    Excellent shadow work on both, but there's something about the composition of the second one that I really like. Yeah, that's it. The composition. :)

  2. Thanks Undersquid! These weren't ads in their original conception, I just wanted to create a brand of jeans/leather in my world as iconic as Levi's, something I can play with later, and I thought these were a good starting point.

  3. They are. I'm fond of the brand-name concept as well, and I suppose we that collagers keep thinking of these things as long as we create our worlds.

    There was this "brand" of shrunken men I thought would be nice, "iPet", but as it turns out there's already an iPet out there, though nowhere near as nice as the one in my head. :)

  4. I remember your iPet. You're right, I think yours is much nicer than anything else out there on the market.

  5. Hi Trinket,
    Very beautiful collage, particulary the scene with 2 boys and 2 girls :-)


  6. Hi Gilzara, thank you! I'm glad you like them. :)