Saturday, December 27, 2008

Joy to the World

I'd originally wanted to post this two days ago, but real life, of course, intervened, albeit in a good way.  Wishing all of you a slightly-belated but still wonderful holiday season.


  1. Well, my theory about David Boreanaz proves correct again. He always poses for photos in a way that works perfectly for giantess and shrunken-men collages. I love being right. :)

    This is such a great collage too. One of the kind that doesn't include eye contact between the larger woman and the smaller man, but the interaction is clear because they both seem to focus their attention and amusement in the same direction.

    I really like the way he only needs a bit of seat to sit next to his lady, and I like even more the way her hand drapes over him in a way that looks casual, but in my mind is not.

    Kicking work as usual, trinket!

  2. Your theory about David Boreanaz is borne out by the disproportionately large collection of images of him sitting on my computer waiting to be put to good use. I also have other images that I've already made that feature him, but all in good time.... :)

    Thank you for your compliments! And my favorite part of this collage is also her hand, maybe because it only looks casual on the surface.

  3. love the way her hand dangles......