Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All She Wants For Christmas.....


  1. Sorry for posting Big Fat Nothings for the last month. Suffice it to say that the company I freelance for will never again agree to posting a deadline for a site launch a week before everyone is going on vacation. Idiots.

    Hopefully, things will be back to a normal posting schedule. There'll be more holiday-themed postings for the next little while. And then a Super Secret Surprise Extravaganza.

  2. No holding out on us next year, kind sir. I know you have more Christmas collages than this one, or the next.

    Don't make us go over there. :D

    But YAY for Super Secret Surprise Extravaganza Maximum Happy Times!!!

  3. I do have more Christmas collages. You are certainly right, and I am certainly doing some "holding out," but every image I post here has been modified from the ones I posted on GDC, mostly to work out the consistency kinks with size and so on, so there is a bit of work that goes into each image I post here. This blog is Value Added. :)

  4. Well, that's very nice of you! And "a bit of work" is an understatement, I think. I stumbled upon the original for this image a few days ago, and boy, that's a lot of cloning and moving you did here.

    As far as tweaking images goes, I feel the same way for possibly different reasons, and I usually end up changing something in old collages I had also uploaded to GDC, looking to improve details before I post them again.