Sunday, September 21, 2008

Before or After, It's Always Time for More Advertising

Some cigarette companies in my world play on the image of the rugged individualism of cowgirls astride horses in the American West, while others just use a whole lot of sex to sell their wares.

You may be wonderin', would bare breasts be allowed on advertising billboards on my world? And I would tell you that yes, yes they are. We're not as prudish about bodies and body parts over here in my world, unlike in yours, and over here, full nudity of both women and men can be found on giant billboards plastered over city skylines and highway-sides. But more on that later.

As an aside, these ads are a nod to one of my favorite online authors, marknew742 who wrote two of my favorite stories, Tara's Lathe and Matt & Emma. His stories are novella-length, and he puts in a lot of effort into creating believable situations and characters. I don't share his love of hugely muscular women though, but it's easy to read past that and just enjoy the scenarios he creates of worlds where women become the stronger sex, physically and so much more.


  1. Hi Trinklet,
    I realy love your collages, very well done technicaly and so erotic...
    I also like the stories you mentioned, "when the aples felt"... So beautiful...
    Do you know other stories like thoses?

    Keep on making us dreaming!


  2. Hi Dazib, thank you. There aren't too many stories in that same genre as "When the Apple Fell" unfortunately, but I'll definitely mention stories I like in future posts.

    If you find anything yourself, feel free to post them in the comments.

  3. Hi trinklet, one of the story i really appreciate, is "Role reversal" by Bikerman.
    You can find it and its sequel at:


  4. Hey Dazib, yeah I remember that story, and its sequel, which I liked better. Your comment reminded me of another author who wrote a sequel of sorts to this series. The story is called the Superfem Chronicles and a link to all 4 parts are at:

  5. Oops. I completely thought of the wrong series of stories when I first posted my response. I was thinking of Little Baby Daddy by Puppetman (Bikerman... Puppetman... so easy to get confused between the two). Here are the two parts he wrote


    Helplesscase's sequel is still a good read too. Thanks for the link to Role Reversal. I'd never read it.

  6. Along the same lines, I just remembered this story that is set in a world where women have become the stronger sex. It's called Woman's World and has three parts: