Friday, September 26, 2008

At the Beach

As I mentioned before, in my world, we're not anywhere near as prudish as in yours. Women in my world often go about in a state that people from your world would call "topless" although this is not a term that is used here since it's a normal state of being. As can be expected, swimwear for women in most cultures here consists only of skimpy bikini bottoms.

In other more conservative places, you might see a bikini top, but women only wear that as a courtesy to their easily embarrassed male counterparts, and not out of their own sense of modesty.

It's also pretty common for women and men to engage in what people in your world would probably term "lewd and indecent acts" and this is becoming ever more common with the liberalizing of traditional sexual attitudes among young men. "This is the sort of disgusting thing that goes on in public nowadays!" scream conservative male critics. "There oughta be a law!"

But there isn't, and with the prevailing attitudes of the majority of women, there never will be.


  1. This blog has so many fantastic pictures, but this may be one of the best I've ever seen. Good job and thanks for this excellent blog.

  2. If this world is anything like ours--which, short of the relative size of the sexes, it is, of course--you know it's those conservative male critics who secretly enjoy watching these "lewd and indecent" public acts the most, but I come in a close second!

  3. No no, thank you for coming to visit and leaving comments.

    I guess my world is, in some ways, similar to yours. There are conservative female critics here too, of course, but they scream about different things, most notably about how men should be seen and not heard. It doesn't surprise anyone that these women are getting a little something on the side though, despite what they scream about. You know what they say, women expect men to be quiet and demure in the living room, and dirty little whores in the bedroom.

  4. Hi, trinket. I hadn't visited in a while. I like the new work a lot.

  5. Hi Matty Boy, you're always welcome here. And thanks!

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