Wednesday, July 6, 2011

At the Beach IV


  1. Nice work, as always! By the way, I have a few universe questions for my story: is 8 feet a reasonable height for a woman? Are there any colleges that accept men as well as women? What is a man's lifespan compared to that of a woman? Thanks again for the opportunity.

  2. Hi guys, thanks! jFan, I talk a bit about the average heights of women and men in my world in this post:

    As for the lifespan, I haven't really thought too much about it, but I was thinking (for a future story and collage series I'm halfway done) maybe naturally about twice or three times as long. The average male lifespan would be around 50 or so. I was thinking the things that would affect that would be greater wealth and healthcare availability to men that have the means of a woman behind them, and since not all men are attached or part of a woman's family, the lifespan of a single man would be markedly lower than those who are in families, since they wouldn't be able to afford good care. Add in other factors like susceptibility to disease and so on, and I think that's a nice number to play with.

    If you're writing something for this site, you can always go ahead and write it and if there are things that I don't think fit properly here, I can discuss them with you and we can edit it further before posting. Are you good with that? By the way, you can find my email address in the "View my complete profile" link in the top right.

  3. In a Matriarchy with greater emphaisis on health and peace instead of war and inequality.However smaller animals amongst mammals live shorter lives.Males are smaller and will thus live less long.

    Plus they have to work harder.That and the fact that they are under greater stress about keeping their position within families and relationships when there are is an atomosphere of polygany.

    Womyn love their males whilst they are with them so they would want them to be as healthy as possible.And with less dispaity in wealth between different Womyn that cannot be a big factor.