Sunday, June 13, 2010

On the Moderation of Comments

New comments policy at work here, because the online Viagra peddlers have somehow discovered this tiny tiny corner of the Internet, and we can't have that, the irony is just too rich.

For now, anonymous comments have been disabled and all new comments will be moderated by your humble blogger.


  1. I know your pain, but now there's no comments, maybe only viagra sellers looking at gts/sw blogs? :)

  2. Hey 555, while I like people commenting on my pictures, I think the trade-off between having fewer comments overall and not being swamped by Viagra peddlers is one I'm willing to make. Besides, I haven't posted a new picture in a while.

  3. Well done. The amount of spam that shows up at these doorsteps under the guise of a relevant statement (and often it doesn't even hide that it's a link to Nakkid Russian Brides or whatever) is astounding.

    I wonder at the futility of Viagra sellers that spam blogs that show there are readers out there that have extracurricular abilities to become aroused, aside from the normal ones. :) I have never ever in my life read or heard of someone complain, "Oh, I was looking at this awesome hot giantess collage, but... I just couldn't perform!"