Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Queen of Rock


  1. I meant to accompany this collage with an excerpt from one of the articles but I've been far too busy to do so.

    Hopefully the headlines give you a general idea of what are the hot-button topics in my world.

  2. I'm always thrilled to see another of your pictures, even if it doesn't have text. But I love the stories, so I hope you'll come back and add that article excerpt when you get a little more time.

  3. Hi Trinket,

    This is another great image of yours. I would have included a detailed comment on why I find it great, but I'm far too busy to do so. :P

    Hahah! No, seriously: As always, I'll state that faking it with ads, covers, movie posters, is, along with rainbows and kittens, one of my favorite things. This cover is pretty damn flawless, from the selection you made of source elements, finding the right facial expression on the woman's face, to the positioning of the little guys by the pillars of her legs, as though they are background pets.

    I appreciate the homogeneity of placing shirtless men in the image. It does something to the eye, to see them all "wearing" the same things, while at the same time they are much smaller, and their body language is the opposite of hers.

    B&W+red = striking visual.

    What, no article? *flames you*

  4. Sigh. I tried for a while to make up an interview with the Queen of Rock, the drugs, the sex, the ridiculously nasty and depraved groupies vying for her attentions in the long string of trashed hotel rooms, but I could never come up with something convincing so I threw it all out.

    As I've mentioned before, July and August are extremely busy months for me because of work and an annual personal commitment I've made, so it will be a while before I post anything. Sorry y'all. Hope you are having a good summer (and to any antipodal friends, hope you are having a good winter).