Wednesday, January 28, 2009



  1. While a bit more explicit images are not exactly my cup of tea, I had to take a gander at this one just to admire your technique!

    Excellent matching of elements, and he looks as though he belongs there quite naturally because of the lay of the top bed sheet, and the way it pulls into them. The fold beneath and next to his feet does wonders to add to the illusion as well.

    His right arm, I can't really tell if it was something you composited from another image or if it's always been there, so if you frankensteined it, it looks awesome!

    Wonderful shadow work, as always. And I can't help but tell myself a little joke and imagine she's teasing him with "are you there yet?" questions. :D

  2. Hi Undersquid, and thank you.

    The hand was partially "frankensteined", because in the original source it was somewhat obscured by his head. The thumb and index finger and some parts of his wrist were painted in using a brush tool and then shadows and grain were added, if I remember correctly. I made this collage before I had started a collection of re-usable body parts.

    The folds in the sheet were re-arranged from the source so that it looked like he was mussing up the sheets too. I'm glad you noticed! :D

    I think my main dissatisfaction with this image is that the original source looks like 70's style low-budget porn with its flat lighting and cheesy props. It looked even flatter and brighter before I put a curves adjustment layer over the top. Ugh.

    Oh well, I made this a long while ago and made some changes to it recently to better fit in my New World Vision. Still worth a post I think.

  3. Wow! Great image! Love this one. Looks very realistic! Thanks, Trinket999!