Friday, October 3, 2008

European Vacation

Hey! We're in Capri. Got here three nights ago after our flight to Rome. Girl, you were right, these Euro boys are so hot and delicious (and easy!) This is me with Sandro mio bello (haha I'm picking up Italian as I go). He's a waiter at this wine bar we were at on our first night here. When these boys want you to know they're available, they sure don't use subtle signals! He says he wants to quit his job and follow me around Italy, and he wants me to take him back with me to the States.

Allie's found a bello of her own. She just can't keep her hands off of him. Here's a photo of those two when Sandro and I left them alone for only a few minutes! Of course, Sandro and I had a little fun on our walk too. Haha. He's got a tongue that just won't quit so I'm thinking seriously about stuffing him into a suitcase and taking him with us after all.

So our current plan is to stay in Capri until the end of the week, and then head back to the mainland, make our way up to your family's chalet in Tuscany in time to meet you there when you get here. Can't wait till we get to party Euro-style together!

See ya, Roxy

trinket999 here. I'm going on vacation for the next three weeks and I'm not bringing my computer with me so there'll be no updates until I get back. And no, I don't have the good fortune to spend a week in Capri, much less know someone with a chalet in Tuscany.


  1. Enjoy your vacation, wherever you're going!

  2. Have a fun time, trinket. I think going on vacation for three weeks falls within the parameters of good fortune. :)

    See ya when you get back!

  3. Trinket's photo's are the best. I love the intimate feeling of being a small man making out with a giantess. Number one site!

  4. Hi guys, thanks for all the comments. I had a nice, non-spectacular, but relaxing time nonetheless.