Monday, May 19, 2008

Executive Assistant

It's very common in my world for an executive to have her assistant travel with her on business. It's also very common for a successful businesswoman to be carrying on an affair with at least one male member of her staff. In fact, it's almost expected. So the next time you see a woman traveling with a man who looks more like her secretary than her husband, you can be sure there'll be more than dictation going on in the hotel suite.

Especially if you see her looking at him like a wolf looking at her prey.


  1. Wow. I have the original Carmen Kass collage, and putting it next to this newly edited one allows me to see all the changes you've added to it. Excellent ones, by the way.

    The one I downloaded from was smaller, so that's an additional plus point. Then you got rid of whatever she was wearing... can't even tell what it is, a shirt, shorts, or something even more alien. ☺

    And you replaced her legs, at least partially! Rightly so, because in the original they are much darker, leaving the contrast in the image to play between their shapes and the sky. This new way is far more powerful. It seems to talk of muscle power, feminine yet far greater than any masculine part of his body, no matter how hard or for how long he exercises. Very cool!

    Broadened her shoulders, and made her head smaller, which you have mentioned in other entries before as an effective technique to make the woman seem taller. The eye contact and the expression on her face are excellent as well, and serve the meaning of this collage and what you write about it. That look is calm, confident, and predatory. The same with her body language. Not either of my grandmas would have called her way of sitting lady-like, but I think an alternative such as making her cross her legs would have seemed too defensive. One leg over the other in that open way seems just right for a boss that always gets what she wants.

    Great job!

  2. The word lady-like has a completely different meaning in my world. As does the word lady. In my world, the way she is sitting is most definitely lady-like. ;)

    Words themselves are so hard to disassociate with our own preconceptions of meaning. When someone from the other world see the words feminine and masculine, it brings up notions completely different than when someone in my world sees them. The same goes for lady and gentleman (the word 'lord' does not exist). Lots of other examples, I'll get to them one day in some blog post or other.

    Thank you, again, for noticing all the tiny changes. It makes me think it's all worthwhile. I believe in the original she was wearing formal shorts, the inventors of which should be bludgeoned by wedge-heeled espadrilles, which would then be turned upon their own inventors as blunt instruments of thwacking. That would make my life a little better.