Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In the Shower

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Update: Fixed a glaring error I'd left on the shower wall. February 26, 2008.

Sexual attitudes on this world are of course quite different from those in yours. Women, being the sexual aggressors, are a lot less self-conscious about their bodies, while men, on the other hand, are a lot shyer about theirs. Because the female is so much more dominant physically, women also dominate the world socially, economically and culturally much more so than in the reverse in your world and this domination translates to much more open cultural attitudes towards sex, at least among women; men, until relatively recently, were expected to be more reserved and demure about sex in the public sphere.

With prevailing attitudes towards the male sexual role as providing gratification for the female, oral sex is exclusively performed by men on women; in fact, in the current cultural climate, it's almost expected for a man to provide oral pleasure, and to be reasonably good at it. It's also quite common for boys to be referred to laughingly and chauvinistically by women as "clitsuckers" or "cuntlickers" and nowadays, among male friends, these epithets are sometimes used as a mild insult akin to calling him a "slut."

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