Friday, February 1, 2008

California Sun

I think if I were to look back on my early collages, this one would have been an early one where I ended up being quite satisfied with the end result. This was also one of the first where the male figure was sourced from another image. I had to play around a lot with the man's color balance to make it match with the rest of the picture. Anyway, I liked this one so much I didn't even change it much from my original before posting it, other than making the woman's shoulders and arms a bit more developed.

There's something about the woman's expression, I think, that does it for me. There's a sharpness in her eyes, and her amused smile betrays a casual cruelty, something which boys aren't supposed to like in a woman, but are subconsciously drawn to anyway.

It's like they always say, boys dig jerks.

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