Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bubble Bath

Update: I'm no longer using the "Continue reading..." links since Blogger allows me to flag the whole blog as adults-only. June 3, 2008.

If I post an image that I consider NSFW, I will hide the image behind a "Continue reading this post...." link. This is of course going on the assumption that browsing for photo collages of giant women and diminutive men is safe at your workplace; if it isn't, then you shouldn't be coming here while at work anyway....

All posts with such content will be also be labeled R-Rated, and you can browse all such posts using this link. The same goes for a post consisting of a series of pictures that follow a theme, but with one or two that are NSFW. If that's the case, only the racy ones will go behind the link.

Strictly speaking though, I guess this image really isn't R-rated since even the slightly naughty bits are all hidden by soap suds, but I figure, better safe than sorry. For those of you who are disappointed because you were looking for something to really get your blood running, don't worry, I've got much more explicit pictures in the pipeline.

In the original, again, the woman was looking straight at the camera. I like her looking down at him more. There's more sexual tension, I think, and she looks like she's almost daring him to engage in some delicious misbehavior.


  1. That is very erotic. Nicely done. The bath has to be one of my favorite scenarios.

  2. This is a great scenario, one I'm also working on in at least three different collages. There's something to say about a tub that fits two humans comfortably at the same time, because one of them happens to be a very small man.

    I like her looking down at him more too! And not at all if she were to look at the camera. In the latter situation the tension would completely disappear for me the way it does when watching two people kiss, but one of them has her eyes open as she watches TV or whatever.

    Excellent blending job with the bubbles and the placement of the little guy. Just great.

  3. Thank you, thank you! I've actually been thinking about the problems of kissing in my world. When a woman's head is almost twice the height of a man's, when they kiss, she will almost certainly be looking over the top of his head. I sometimes wonder what she could be looking at if she isn't closing her eyes and enjoying the moment. Maybe one day I can make a collage to answer that little question.